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 Offers 2024


Laser Hair Removal using our amazing Motus Laser in pain free or standard mode!

FREE consultation and 30% off any (course of 6) hair removal areas

Mothers Day Specials

Inner Strength Resilience Face & Body - only £95 (save £25) 
A truly nurturing treatment to fortify and strengthen the mind and body through these stressful times. Using the wonderful Aromatherapy Associates Inner Strength face and body range for an amazing face and body treatment.

A unique treatment consisting of:

  • Guided breathing to focus the mind and encourage deep breathing

  • Warm foot cleanse

  • Application of Inner Strength Emotional Support Nourishing Body Treatment

  • Hot Stone Placement

  • Body Massage

  • Experiential Facial

Perfect for:

  • those who want a truly nurturing treatment

  • those who need a positive outlook, inner comfort and inner strength'

  • those going through difficult phases in life; separation, bereavement, caring for others and those suffering with depression








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