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The illumiFacial®

The illumiFacial® starts with Lynton’s glycolic acid peel to resurface uneven skin texture and decongests pores, perfectly priming the skin.

Post peel, your skin will be at its optimum condition for the application of the award-winning Lynton Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment. This works by both stimulating collagen and targeting any discolouration on your skin, e.g. freckles, pigmentation, vascular breakouts, general redness. In most cases, the results are instant, providing you with dramatically clearer, firmer skin.

To help maximise the results of your illumiFacial® treatment our Dermalux Tri-wave LED light therapy can be tailored to your skin’s needs. Followed by a trio of specialist serums helping soothe, regenerate and protect your skin.

For best results a course of 6x treatments is recommended and a Patch test is required at least 48 hours before treatment. 

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Platinum Hydrafacial 

The ultimate Hydrafacial experience! Begin with soothing Lymphatic Drainage to reduce puffiness and provide the appearance of lifting and contouring. 

Next, reveal smooth texture and vibrant skin clarity with a double cleanse and a gentle glycolic peel. Followed by pain free extractions using Vortex−Fusion technology. Finally, targeted boosters to address anti-ageing, dehydration, uneven pigmentation are applied to the skin and the Dermalux Tri-Wave MD LED light therapy enhance results for personalised skin concerns, and the treatment concludes by bathing the skin with nourishing hydration and antioxidants for the ultimate glow and best skin of your life!

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​Hydrafacial is safe to have all year round but sun protection is always recommended after treatment. ​

For best results an initial intensive course of 6x treatments is recommended to address specific concerns.

Endymed 3D RF skin tightening

The innovative 3DEEP RF technology in ENDYMED skin tightening delivers energy deep into the dermis, reaching 52 – 55C with minimal epidermal heat. As Endymed is a moving RF device it provides optimal and painless collagen remodelling and superior results.

3DEEP’s exceptional volumetric heating system provides ultimate treatment efficacy, resulting in immediate and long-term improvements. Collagen remodelling results from a single treatment will often continue for months after the initial treatment.

Endymed radio frequency is one of the only “summer safe” treatments available in the industry that is safe to have all year round without the risk of increasing your skin’s sun sensitivity.  

For best results a course of 6-8x treatments is required.

EDS Microneedling

Microneedling is proven to induce neo-callogenesis and stimulate the production of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, and other important components of the extra-cellular matrix. On average, an increase of 206% in collagen production is expected after a single treatment, making microneedling one of the most effective collagen-inducing treatments on the market! 

EDS Microneedling is a great treatment to reduce the appearance of pigmentation, scarring, fine lines and to boost collagen production. 

For best results a course of 3x treatments is required.

3D Hydralift

This facial combines Caci muscle lifting & toning with our Endymed radio frequency skin tightening and Hydrafacial for skin glow to create the ultimate anti-ageing treatment. This treatment targets multiple signs of aging. 

Starting with our Hydrafacial to resurface and hydrate the skin with peptides, HA, growth factors & glycolic acid to perfectly prep your skin. Followed by 3D Endymed RF to stimulate collagen production and improve skin’s firmness and elasticity. This is followed with our Caci muscle lifting and toning. 

This treatment is “summer safe” but SPF is always recommended after treatment.


For best results book a skin consultation with one of our experienced therapists to create the best treatment plan for you.

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